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July 24, 2015

Gorgeous Coffee Table Makeover: A Clean Slate

To be honest, I didn't know when I'd be getting around to share a new furniture makeover with you guys.

I think I've been putting it off because life has been so hectic & busy lately and I didn't want to start a big project just to not be able to finish it. 

Plus, guys, it's h.o.t. here. 
Sitting outside, sweating it out to paint didn't sound the most appealing.
Especially trying to paint during naptimes and having to take breaks. 
I'm usually a 'crank it all out' kind of person and stopping mid-project drives me crazy.

But I did it. 
And I'm back to being addicted to painting. 

This big guy has been sitting in my garage, and then the storage unit, for almost two years.

It's a beautiful, solid table that I snagged for....you'll never believe it... a whopping 3$ at our Goodwill clearance center several years ago.

I got that thing on our cart and out the door before you could blink an eye. 
There's absolutely nothing wrong with it except normal wear & tear. 

It sat in our garage for a good chunk of time and then made it's way to the storage unit for even longer.
I just couldn't make up my mind on what to do with it and, secretly, I was hoping we'd end up moving and I would want to redo it for us.

But I love our current table a whole lot and I ended up with a pretty good reason to get it out again. 
My best friend is getting married in less than a month and we are working on redoing her apartment to bring some color & well, a woman's touch, in :) 

So we decided that a gorgeous, bright, white coffee table would help a whole lot. 
Cue my beautiful piece. 

If I'd had full creative license, I probably would have been a bit more daring and done something more bright or contrasting :) 
But she needed a pretty white table so that's what we went with. 

It got a very thorough sanding since the past couple years had layered it with dust & overspray from painting. It had a good bit of scratches and dents in it too. 

After a good sanding and cleaning, it was time to get it painted. 
I painted it in Sherwin Williams proclassic enamel paint in "Ultra white" for a nice clean white. 

It took three coats to cover the wood & then I sealed it with two coats of polycrylic. 
Look at this gorgeous thing now...

It's amazing that it's even the same table!! 
It's simple but so beautifully fresh & clean for a much more updated and modern look. 

Those chunky legs are to die for gorgeous. 
I love the details on them. 

Of course I had to move it in for a photo shoot. 
I'm thinking it'll brighten up her living room a lot & with some added pops of colors in the accessories, it's going to be the star! 

Sometimes simple is the best way to go.
You can change out the colors in your pillows, rugs & accessories for a new look that doesn't cost a lot and doesn't involve repainting :) 
For this piece, it's the perfect clean slate for her to start her decorating journey with! 

Here's the dramatic before & after: 

I'm so glad to be back to painting and you can be expecting several more awesome redos coming up!!

I snagged some gorgeous pieces this past weekend and can't wait to share their transformations!!!

Butttt in the meantime, we are off to the beach starting tomorrow which is what I've been looking forward to all year!!

Happy weekend friends! 

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July 15, 2015

Summery Mantle Decor

Hey there friends!!
I really can't fathom how July has almost passed us by. Already.

I realized the other day that I was almost letting another summer pass by without sharing my summer mantle.
Because I never did get around to sharing my summer mantle last year. Bad blogger award over here.

But I figured the middle of July was as good a time as any.
Because if you're like us here in Arkansas, you need something to do INSIDE anyways to survive the crazy heat. 
So go ahead and redecorate your mantle :)
I'm giving you permission. 

Most often when I redecorate my mantle, I shop the rest of my house first.
Am I the only one that keeps random decor 'stockpiles' around the house? 
Most of my roomy end tables have odds and ends in them that I dig around in to get inspiration :) 

This year, I asked hubby to whip me up a faux 'barn door' of sorts. 
So he built me the pretty little centerpiece you see. 
I stained in my favorite dark walnut and set it in the middle of everything to ground it all. 

I'll talk about that pretty green wreath in a hot second. 

That cute 'Everybody love Everybody" printable can be found on this cute blog here
I framed it in one of 'extra' frames that I like to use in different displays during the year. 
I just change the print and fabric and voila! Brand new piece to work with. 

I was pretty much just looking for an excuse to use my new, gorgeous canvas print of baby girl's newborn photo. The blue & yellows in the quilt were basically made to go on my summer mantle so, hey, why fight it? 
I love the open-backed powder white frames at Hobby Lobby, by the way.
Absolutely gorgeous. I own a million. Ok, well just two. 
But I would own a lot more if I had the space :) 

The white vase is a Hobby Lobby find from several years ago that I LOVE. 
The gold box is a Target clearance score. 
And the gold bird and white bunny are both from Hobby Lobby as well.

The books are some gorgeously old books that were already falling apart when I pulled them out of their box.
They are my grandmother's old books that were given to me after she passed away. 
She had tons of beautiful books and I've had a box of them waiting to be used. 
The spines were already off of these so don't freak out on me for destroying them :) 
They were all destroyed and ready for a beautiful display already. 

Those cute little kissing seahorses were a gift from little man on Mother's Day several years ago. 
I always love seeing what the kids pick out when they are given free reign. 
And they were perfect for a little summer flavor!! 

Ok, so about that darn wreath. 
It's taken so long to get pictures up because for months- yes, months- I have been searching for the perfect green wreath to go in the middle of my set-up.
I had my eyes set on a beautiful boxwood wreath from Target but they have been sold out for FOREVER. 
I finally gave up and started searching for a different one but could never find one that I liked, that was big enough and that was reasonably priced. 

So I had officially given up on finding anything and then one random day I wandered out to the mess of a garage and found my planter box that was in 'storage' out there and had some pretty succulents and faux greenery in it. 
Aha! moment came and I quickly and, non permanently, attached it to a wreath form I had. 

It's not perfect but it did the trick and adds that pop of green I was so wanting. 

I'm always in love with the pops of fresh white against my blue walls but the gold really makes me happy this summer too!!

Have you guys changed out decor for summer colors too? 
I'm loving the fresh & simple look that it has going on right now :) 

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June 24, 2015

Dollar Store & Scrap Wood Collage Frame

I've gone round and round on what exactly to call this post but I finally just settled on stating it exactly as it is. 

This is a project I've had in my head for a while now and when summer break finally hit, I finally had the time & energy to put it into action. 

It all started with some black and white cheap prints that were taken at none other than Chuck. E. Cheese. Back when the rain was non-stop, we were desperate for some indoor fun and the kids begged to go. They have this silly photo 'drawing' booth where you can get your picture sketched and printed for one token. Me and hubby had taken Baby Girl in it and gotten a couple cute pics but weren't even going to attempt the older kids because they are so over the picture taking these days. 

We were happily surprised when they came running up to use later with their own pictures they had taken together!!! Then they begged for family ones and I couldn't pass that up. 

So we left happy, tired & with a stack of super cute black and white 'sketches' that I just knew had to turn into something amazing for the house. 

Don't you love when something comes out so much better than what you even pictured in your head??
That was definitely this project for me. 

It took a while for all the pieces to fall into place but once I found the perfect things to use, it was completely worth the wait!!!

I knew I wanted a 'gallery' frame of sorts but wanted simple frames to show off the pictures.
And I didn't want to pay a small fortune for nine frames. 

I kept my eye out at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and even Walmart for some frames that fit what I wanted and never found anything.
Then, running into the Dollar Store one day, I struck gold.
Literally :) 

I found the perfect gold frames and no paint needed. 
Although if you do find the size & shape you like, don't be afraid to spritz them with your favorite colored spraypaint for instant color satisfaction!! 

I also like that these were super lightweight since I was going to be adding them to a wooden background that would be heavy enough on it's own. 

So here's the supply breakdown if you want to recreate your own collage frame: 
Supplies needed: 
*Nine frames in your choice of size (mine were Dollar Store) 
*Desired photos/prints
*Velcro circles (Hobby Lobby) 
*Hot Glue Gun
*Scrap wood pieces
*Supplies to hang your piece afterwards (make sure you get something sturdy enough for however much yours weighs in the end) 

First things first, prep your frames. 
Mine didn't need to be painted but if yours do, go ahead and get that done. 
Then I gently tore off the easels on the backs of my frame. 
Mine were super easy since they were just cardboard and came off very easily. 
Some require a little more elbow grease. 

Next, gather your photos that you want to use. 
If you're like me and are using the cute prints from Chuck E Cheese, I wanted a way to display them without that red border around each of them. 
So I carefully trimmed each picture with a straight edge cutter and cut each of the borders off. 

Then I simply backed each picture with a piece of white cardstock that filled the inside of the frame. 
This created the look of having a matte around the photo without having to pay for one :) 
Fill your frames & set them aside for later. 

Now onto the wooden frame. 

For my frame, I used a bunch of scrap wood planks that I had salvaged from someone throwing away parts of an old fence. 
It's lightweight and was perfect for this project! 

To get an accurate size, lay your frames out on the boards and then measure out how far past the frames you want them to go. 
Use a table saw to cut them to size. 

My boards were a grey/green color so after cutting them down and attaching them together across the back, I took some glossy white paint and painted the entire frame. 
This is where you can get creative with it and paint it whatever color you want, stencil it, stain it... the possibilities are all over the place!! 

After it's painted, distress if desired and then gather your frames to start putting it all together!!

You can go two routes while putting your frame together....
1. Put the frames on it 'permanently' by using hot glue on the backs of the frame to attach them. 
2. Use velcro strips/dots on the backs of the frame to make them removable if you even want to change your prints out. 

If you go the velcro route, my suggestion is to still add a dab of hot glue on the sticky backs before adding them to increase the sturdiness of them. 
They tend to pull off if not reinforced. 

Add your frames to your wooden frame and then stand back to admire your gorgeous finished product!!! 

I'm so incredibly happy with how this little project turned out. 
And so so glad that I didn't give up on when I wasn't finding the right frames for so long. 

I added a cute quote printable in the middle of our frame that I feel like completely sums up those captured moments :) 

The gold & white colors are completely on par with my slight obsession with these colors lately :) 
Since the wood was a roadside find, the total cost of this piece was a whopping 9$ for the frames!! 

And it was a great piece to refresh some of my wall space that had been looking the same for far too long. 
I love walking down the hall and seeing those sweet faces looking at me!! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our new piece of art!!

Let me know on Facebook or in the comments below :) 

Do you have a stack of pictures just waiting to be made into a cute custom collage frame?? 
Break them out and get to it. You can't beat 9$ for a frame, right??

Hope you enjoyed & see you soon friends!!

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June 05, 2015

Summer Succulent Wreath

It's summer!!!!!

At least around these parts it is :)

It's finally starting to heat up like a typical Arkansas summer and school is officially out.
I've had several days of professional development to finish but I pretty much feel like I'm on break and it is amazing.

I love being home with the kids and having time during the day to work on projects, clean the house and keep things under control.
It's bliss.

And GUESS WHAT??!?!? 
 I FINALLY have time to get back to blogging a bit! 

I really have been focused on learning more about sewing and working with my embroidery machine...which I haven't shared much here on the blog.

I definitely can try to start sharing some more of my embroidery projects here if you want but they aren't exactly something easy to replicate if you don't have an embroidery machine.
But the projects are super cute so maybe I'll a habit of posting once a week about some of the finished things :) 


I did finish a beautiful summer/spring wreath several weeks ago...maybe a couple months ago.
And I've been dying to share it with you.

Didn't it turn out gorgeous??

I have quite a collection of wreaths going on right now but some of my very first wreaths have seen better days so I've been pulling them out of the stash to give them new looks.

I wanted something with a splash of greenery in it for summer this year and I finally stumbled on some inspiration at none other than the Dollar Store.

Here's the breakdown of what was used: 

*Wreath Form (I like to get mine from Hobby Lobby) 
*Yarn (I used a chunky yellow) 
*Wooden name/sign (mine was purchased on Groopdealz
*Felt flowers
*Button cover kits (from Hobby Lobby) 
*Dollar Store Succulents
*Hot Glue Gun

My main source of inspiration started with the cute, tiny little succulents I stumbled on at the Dollar store. 
I'm obsessed with these cute little plants and couldn't believe it when I found several of them on the shelves there for a buck.

Hobby Lobby sells bigger ones and they aren't bad if you catch them on sale. 
But these were perfectly light-weight enough for adding to a wreath. 

The felt flowers I just threw together. There are tons of tutorials for them all over the place, just search them on Pinterest and you'll have a gazillion ideas for them.
I kept mine simple & added covered buttons in the middle of them to finish them off. 

I kept holding off on putting the wreath together because my wreath form was pretty large so I knew that it needed something else to show off in the middle of it all.

I ordered this customized wooden name off my fave site in the world- Groopdealz.com
 I'm a tad addicted.

You can get cute wooden signs & plaques at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby too.
Go with whatever makes you happy :) 

I stained my sign first with dark walnut so that it would show after it was distressed.
Then used my favorite glossy white spraypaint to add a topcoat.
Sand it down a bit and you're ready for it to become the focal point of your wreath.

Here's a quick step-by-step to guide you through: 

1. Cover your wreath form with your desired fabric, yarn or ribbon.
I chose to wrap mine in a thick yellow yarn. 
This part takes the longest so be patient and sit down with your favorite show :) 

2. Paint/make your flowers.
If you're adding a wooden sign, go ahead and paint it and have it ready.
Then either make or buy some fun felt or fabric flowers to add.
The succulents pop easy out of their tiny pots and I just snipped their stem off with some heavy duty scissors.

3. Position your desired items around the wreath the way you think you'll want them.
I always play with my design before gluing/pinning down so I can fix it the way I want. 

4. Once you have the positioning down, go ahead and whip out your glue gun.
I used tiny sewing pins to add my flowers so I can change them up later.
I used dots of hot glue to adhere the succulents and wooden name sign.

5. Add a wide ribbon at the top of the wreath to hang it from and you're finished!! 

In addition to the cute little succulent plants I found at the Dollar Store, I also added in a few Hobby Lobby succulent 'branches' to the wreath.
I felt like they added a little more variety and interest to it. Made it fuller. 

I'm so in love with the bright pops of color and gorgeous greenery in this summer wreath!!
A word of caution, if your front door gets tons of direct sunlight, be aware that the plastic succulents may fade.
I have a glass door in front of my wreath and it doesn't get tons of direct sunlight so it's been holding up great. 
But just a word of warning :) 

Hope you guys love my spring/summer wreath as much as I do!!
Go dig through your stashes, browse the aisles of your favorite stores and get some inspiration for summer!! 

I have so many awesome projects to share that I finally have time to get on here so keep checking back!!
Happy Friday friends!!

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May 13, 2015

DIY Spring Floral Banner

Hey there friends!!

I know my posts have been few & far between and, honestly, I'm just in survival mode to finish out the rest of the school year and still remain sane. 
Actually, I'd be fine just finishing- not sure if the sane part will happen :) 

We have two weeks of school left (three if you include my professional development week) and I am counting down the days to summer very very eagerly!!

In the meantime, I HAVE been pumping out bunches of new projects and parties that I can't wait to share. 
Little man turned eight a few weeks ago and we threw the best Pokemon party ever and I plan on sharing details (and printables!) very soon!

However, I have been sharing a free printable each month over at the lovely Mine for the Making blog where my sweet friend, Kara, is. 
This month I shared a colorful print with the fun quote "Bloom Where You are Planted". We are trying to instill attitudes of gratefulness in our kids lately and this has been a big mantra in my heart lately to do your best, with your best attitude, no matter the circumstances. 

After making the fun prints, they inspired me to create a fun little spring banner with the pretty in pink version and I wanted to share how quick & easy it was to throw together.

We are talking about five minutes- ten if you count how long it takes the glue gun to heat up :) 

And you'll end up with the cutest little floral banner ever!! 

Supplies needed: 
Scrapbook paper (or fabric) of choice
Printable- Bloom Where You are Planted print found here
Hot glue gun

First things first, head over to Mine for the Making to print your free Bloom print (there are tips & tricks for getting the best results included in the blog post) and cut to your desired width/length.
I printed mine as a 5x7 and then free-handed the triangle pennant shape with scissors. 

Then use your scrapbook paper or fabric and cut the remaining pennant pieces out. Cut as many as you need to get the length that you want for your banner.
I was able to get several pieces out of each piece of scrapbook paper so it goes pretty far :) 

Glue your banner pieces to your desired ribbon and voila! The easiest (and cutest) little banner you ever did see!!

I've been looking for a good excuse to use the cute floral & gingham papers I found at Hobby Lobby for a while and love how they look on this cute banner.

I'm definitely planning a cute photo shoot with baby girl using this in the backdrop very soon! 

I'm loving using little splashes of pink in my spring decor lately and love how easy this banner was to put together! 
I haven't had time for big projects lately so this was just the ticket to get done in the evening after work for a little craft therapy. 

I've got big ideas in the works coming up soon and you'll be seeing a lot more of me this summer- pinky swear. 

Thank you for being so patient with me, sweet friends. Hope your week is going fantastic!!

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